NCWIT Tracking Tool

Published on 03/03/2023

The NCWIT Tracking Tool is an online platform that allows you to visualize your application, enrollment, and graduation data through dynamic charts and tables. The tool guides users in entering data, and outputs data visualizations that allow you to explore differences over time among groups of students (by gender, race/ethnicity groups, etc.) in applications, enrollments, persistence, and graduations. Understanding long-term trends can help you track the effectiveness of systemic changes efforts for broadening participation in computing at your institution.

Data and output are securely stored, but can be shared by authorized users to help drive decision-making.

How to Get Started:

    • Complete the Initial Data form. The form is hosted in Qualtrics and enables us to send you a customized form based on what data you have available. Once you hit submit, we will process information and send you a link to Airtable where you can enter your data.
    • Submit data. You will receive a link from [email protected] to access a spreadsheet where you and your data analyst or Institutional Research (IR) officer can submit data. You can submit each datapoint directly into Airtable by clicking the “edit” button, or download a csv file, enter data, and email it back to us to upload. 
    • Access your visualizations.  Once NCWIT has processed your data, you (and any other authorized user you designate) will have access to interactive data visualizations, such as tables and charts.

Please read the NCWIT Tracking Tool User Guide for a step-by-step instruction on the data collection process.

If you are interested and are not a participant in NCWIT’s Learning Circles, please email [email protected] to get set up.

For questions using the Tracking Tool, please email [email protected].


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