NCWIT Engagement Practices Framework (Poster)

Published on 03/22/2016




The NCWIT Engagement Practices Framework is a set of three evidence-based principles for engaging and retaining ALL students: Make It Matter, Grow Inclusive Student Community, and Build Student Confidence and Professional Identity. This poster outlines actionable things faculty can do in their classrooms and beyond to help broaden participation in computing. Display it your office or in the faculty mailroom to remind you and your colleagues of effective ways to engage all of your students.

Download the poster here.

Related Resources:

  • Engagement Practices Framework: Within this resource, you will find tips for implementing each practice, some examples, and links to resources to learn more.
  • EngageCSEdu: A collection of over 600 faculty-contributed, peer-reviewed introductory CS course materials. All of these materials use at least one NCWIT Engagement Practice.
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