One-on-One Consulting: Client Expectations

Participants engaging in One-on-One Consulting are expected to:

  • Have documented buy-in from the dean and department chair.
  • Identify a four- to six-member committee to work on increasing women’s participation in computing. (We can provide guidance on committee membership.)
  • Host an Extension Services Consultant (ESC) for a site visit.
  • Hold regularly scheduled team meetings, some of which will be virtually attended by an ESC.
  • Submit anonymous enrollment, retention, and graduation data to NCWIT.
  • Develop and begin implementing a strategic recruitment and retention plan, including evaluation methods, for increasing women’s participation in computing.
  • Administer an introductory level course entry survey.
  • Submit a report at the end of the project.
  • Participate in annual Extension Services’ evaluation interviews during time as a client.

Questions about these expectations can be sent to [email protected].

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