MaKenzie Johnson

Curriculum Developer for Counselors for Computer (C4C)

MaKenzie currently serves as the Curriculum Developer for NCWIT’s Counselors for Computer (C4C). MaKenzie was formerly a school counselor for 12 years working with students in grades 6-12. Along with her work at C4C she is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin- Superior in the Counselor Education Program and works in a small private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor. In 2019, she attended a CS for All Summit in Pennsylvania after first being exposed to CS at the MN School Counselors Association Conference. Since that time she has become a consultant for Counselors for Computing, a program developed by NCWIT, to help counselors join the front line of the computing conversation. She is passionate about CS and the opportunities it has for all students and the community in which she lives. She hopes to help educate other counselors and teachers on their role in exposing students to CS. She spends her time hiking the vast trails in Duluth, Minnesota with her husband and two daughters and being around the magic of Lake Superior.


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