Joanne Esch

Joanne Esch Photo
University of Colorado Boulder
Research Assistant

Joanne is a PhD student and instructor in the Communication Department at CU-Boulder. She specializes in organizational communication and communication law and policy, with a focus on human services and the public sector. Her research is guided by an interest in cultivating communication practices that support just, equitable, and effective administration of public services. Her most recent research examines implementation processes through the lens of culture, control, governance, and identity. Specifically, she has been investigating how restorative justice practices are implemented in various organizational contexts (e.g., law enforcement, judicial, and schools). Joanne also works part-time for the 20th Judicial District Probation Department where she coordinates the implementation of restorative practices. In this and other capacities, she has gained experience working with a variety of lay audiences presenting on and addressing issues related to equity, bias, and power.

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