Christopher Metzler

Christopher Metzler
Georgetown University
Senior Associate Dean at the School of Continuing Studies

Dr. Christopher J. Metzler is Senior Associate Dean for Applied Management Degrees at the School of Continuing Studies and Associate Dean for Human Resources and Diversity Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

Prior to joining Georgetown University he was on the faculty at Cornell University’s ILR School. Prior to entering higher education, he headed the strategic issues and research practice at an international consulting firm and provided advice to multinational corporations and governments on human rights, human capital, equality, corporate transformation and accountability, and sustainable economic and human performance.

A seasoned academic leader and legal scholar, he is recognized for fostering international and interdisciplinary education. Dr. Metzler is the author of the Construction and Rearticulation of Race in a “Post-Racial” America (University of Aberdeen Press, 2008) In addition; he has reviewed books in multiple disciplines including law, human rights, human resources, human relations, political history and others.

His selected publications include: Providing Material Support to Violate The 4th Amendment: University of North Carolina Central Law Journal (Jan 2007), When cuts have to be made: Tips for handling layoffs, Washington Business Journal, May 18-24, 2001, Diversity Enrichment: A business Imperative for the 21st Century, Imperatives, Fall 2000Hiring The Diversity Consultant: Making Sure The Emperor Has Clothes Profiles In Diversity Journal, 2003,Ten Reasons Why Diversity Initiatives Fail, The Diversity Factor, Volume 11, Number 2, Spring 2003 , pp. 18-21(4), The Need for a Critical, Institutional Approach to Diversity in Organizations, The Diversity Factor, Volume 14, Number 1, Winter 2006 , pp. 35-40(6), Putting the focus on diversity: The differences do matter (ILR Impact Brief #17). Ithaca, NY: School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University.

He has won numerous awards for his scholarship and has lectured widely in North and Central America, the Caribbean and Europe on the impact of globalization on educational policy, attaining global excellence in education and the ethical challenges of the world economy.

A graduate of Columbia University, Metzler is a member of Oxford University and Kellogg College at Oxford. At Oxford, he read International Human Rights Law. He holds a PH.D in Law from University of Aberdeen and earned distinction for his dissertation

He has served as a consultant to many organizations and co-developed a dynamic and engaging cohort based Diversity and Inclusion educational certificate with Dr. Marc Nivet at the AAMC.

Dr. Metzler is a frequently sought after cultural critic and commentator and has appeared as an analyst on: CNN, MSBNC, FOX News and The Roland Martin Show He is frequently quoted in major newspapers including The New York Times and The Washington Times.

His forth coming book chapter is on Affirnative Action and the Fisher case. It is entitled, “Of Affirmative Action, law and ‘post-racial’ posturing: for whom does the bell toll?

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