Sample Learning Circle Resources: Using the Tech Inclusion Journey

The Tech Inclusion Journey® for Undergraduate Programs (TIJ-UP) is an online decision-support tool, based on NCWIT’s Undergraduate Systemic Change Model, that enables a local team to assess the practices and conditions in their computing program that promote (or inhibit) inclusivity, guides team discussion and consensus building, connects the team to relevant resources and information, and provides the basis for strategic planning.

Assess Your Program with the TIJ-UP & Create a Strategic Plan: Each member of the local team independently completes the online assessment modules of the TIJ-UP prior to team meetings. The TIJ-UP aggregates team members’ anonymized responses into a summary report that forms the basis for team discussions aimed at identifying the program’s challenges and opportunities. The local team utilizes their TIJ-UP assessment results, their program’s institutional data, NCWIT resources and information, and the provided templates to create a strategic plan for implementing and evaluating practices to broaden participation in their undergraduate computing program. 

Connect with Relevant Resources: The TIJ-UP connects users to resources and information about relevant practices for broadening participation that align with each of the major strategies within the six focus areas of program entry, classroom experience, community & belonging, program curriculum & supports, data & evaluation, and institutionalization.

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