Girls in Tech – Upcoming Mentorship Program

Girls in Tech recently announced the launch of a new Mentorship Program, which will seek to provide “integrated, engaging and educational high-touch workshops for young girls ages K-12.” Components will include summer camp programs, “labs” that teach entrepreneurship and business concepts, software and basic tech classes, and a leadership program.
The mentorship program is being designed to “encourage girls to enjoy, embrace, and understand the importance of math, tech, and science at a young age,” a mission that NCWIT research has shown to be an important factor in helping to increase the number of women who enter technical occupations. By encouraging girls to develop aptitude and interest in computing and technology at a young age, and providing them with resources and opportunities to explore these fields, we hope to see this program increase the number of “girls in tech.”
NCWIT partners with a number of organizations whose missions align with our own. We believe we’ll make accelerated progress if we can help identify and share what works, fill knowledge gaps with research, and give isolated efforts a strong, united voice. Check our our alliances and our partners to find a program that meets your needs, and get involved.

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