Assess Your Efforts: Evaluate initiatives to figure out where to put your scarce resources

Actionable Steps and Practices

  1. Examine recruitment and retention trends to identify problem areas and measure progress. The free NCWIT Tracking Tool allows you to track student participation in your program broken down by gender, race/ethnicity, and academic year.
  2. Survey students in introductory courses to understand why they are there and how well your recruitment efforts are working.
  3. Evaluate specific recruitment initiatives to understand who they reach and whether they are effective. For example, survey or interview participants about their perception of an event and its effect on their interest in computing and your program.
  4. Survey students to identify conditions that may affect retention in your program.
  5. Develop a strategic plan for recruiting and retaining underrepresented students, and use evaluation to shape initiatives and monitor progress.
  6. Use evaluation data to gain support for your initiatives among colleagues, administrators, and funders.

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