CS+ Dance

This session explores the integration of computer science and dance performance, with a focus on the realm of digital costuming and wearables. Discover how technology is revolutionizing the way performers express themselves, as experts discuss the creative possibilities that coding and electronics can offer.

Meet the panel:

  • Yamilée Toussaint, STEM From Dance – Watch video
  • Jean François Mahoro, Code.Crew
  • Kiyah Stokes, Code.Crew

Yamilee Toussaint is the Founder & CEO of STEM From Dance, which empowers girls with the skills, experiences, and confidence to pursue careers in STEM through the transformative power of dance. Combining her background in engineering, education, and a lifelong passion for dance, she started the program in 2012 to inspire girls of color to pursue STEM careers. Yamilée holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a M.S. in Teaching from Pace University. She has earned her numerous accolades, including Teach For America’s Social Innovation Award and AnitaB.org’s Educational Innovation Award.

Jean François Mahoro is the Director of K-12 at CodeCrew, a nonprofit organization committed to bridging the digital divide and fostering diversity in tech industries. The mission at CodeCrew is to mentor underrepresented youth to be tech innovators and leaders through practical, hands-on computer science education programs locally throughout Memphis, Tennessee, and nationally. Jean François leverages his experience as a Software Engineer to encourage students to pursue a path in Technology. He holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Herff College of Engineering at the University of Memphis. It’s the belief that by empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds, can drive innovation and create a more inclusive tech ecosystem.

Kiyah Stokes is a K-12 Instructor at CodeCrew, where she helps young students appreciate the value in computer science. Technology has always been a passion of Kiyah’s since being introduced to it at an early age. Kiyah grew up in a small city of Jackson, Tennessee, where there weren’t a lot of programs like CodeCrew. She started getting serious about her coding journey during her sophomore year of high school and continued her studies in college. Kiyah graduated from the University of Memphis where she studied Computer Science and Web Design. After graduation, she began a career at CodeCrew where she uses her programming and engineering skills to provide education to future STEM students.

Meet the Moderator: Terina-Jasmine Alladin, who has been a consultant with NCWIT for 7 years. She holds an MSc in Dance Science from Trinity Laban, the leading center for research in dance science globally. In addition to a 7-year career as a contemporary dancer, she has worked in the tech sector for over a decade. Read her full bio to learn more.

About the new CS+ webinar series
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