2023 NCWIT Summit Plenary: Dr. Brad McLain

Joanne Cohoon Memorial Plenary: Brad McLain, PhD
Event held in the morning on May 19th, 2023

Inclusive Leadership Through Transformative Experience Design

Transformative experiences are our most important life events, changing our sense of self in significant ways. How do they work? What elements do they require? How can we learn to design them as an entirely new view of inclusive leadership? Based on his decades-long investigation of transformative experience design, Dr. McLain will discuss how he has brought this work to NCWIT as Director of Corporate Research. His talk will explore how when leaders recast themselves as experience designers, an entirely new domain opens for leading change and building more inclusive cultures at work, school, home, and other contexts.

This session is followed by the presentation of the NCWIT Collegiate Award.

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