2017 NCWIT Summit – Summit Closing

2017 NCWIT Summit - Summit Closing with Lucy Sanders CEO and Co-Founder of NCWIT
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LUCY SANDERS: Hi, y’all. Okay, so we’re gonna give you back a little time to enjoy the resort. There’s a lunch, a grab-and-go lunch for you all. But, again, I just wanted to… What a great Summit. It’s so much fun and I hope you enjoyed it, as well. I wanted to say good-bye. I truly look forward to staying in touch and watching all of your wonderful accomplishments over the next year. So, my one remaining task, is to tell you about the 2018 Summit. And I don’t know, do we have a slide on that? Where it is? Well, I’ll just tell you anyway. It’s in Dallas and it’s the middle of May, as usual. So, stay tuned we’ll have logistics up on our website, but.. See you in Texas, oh I think that was just… Y’all quickly made one, okay. Alright have a good time and thanks for coming.

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