2015 NCWIT Summit – Closing Remarks

LUCY SANDERS: Thank you, everybody for coming and learning and sharing with each other and just incredible spirit you have. I hope you take it back, spread it all around, tell everybody. You should know, too, that a lot of our plenaries will be, all the plenaries are recorded online and, you know, with the exception of this one. [laughing] So please do go and spread the word about everything you’ve learned here and just one last thing to say before we go. Do we have our slide on next year? Is it there? I don’t see it. Okay, then I’ll just tell you. [audience laughing] There, oh, that was it. Wait. [audience laughing] Not that one, no. [laughing] It’s okay. We’re good.


No, we’re good.

It’s all IT.

It’s, yeah, we’re good. Okay, so next year we will be at, that’s it! At a lovely JW Marriott outside Las Vegas.


LUCY SANDERS: Yay, all right, so stay tuned for that. You’ll want to book your rooms, probably almost immediately. [laughing] And thank you again, and safe travels home.

[Audience Members] Thank you. [audience applauds]

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