The Action to Catalyze Tech (ACT) Report: Take Effective Action

NCWIT is a proud partner on the ACT Report ( and is here to support its signatories in taking effective action towards developing a customized approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion that is systemic, sustainable, and tied to company-specific mission and goals.

Quick Hits To Get Started
  • Join the NCWIT Workforce Alliance (WA). WA member companies focus on change by starting with their own internal cultures and practices. They are committed to taking bold and effective action by: [1] eliminating barriers to diverse participation, [2] using research-based, systemic approaches, and [3] contributing to collective knowledge about what works for creating sustainability.
  • Access free, easy-to-use resources with practical tips and recommendations for fostering culture and environmental change. This online collection, in particular, includes resources cited in the ACT Report.
  • Participate in an NCWIT program to raise awareness, increase knowledge, and empower action year round. Individuals of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate virtually or in person, at local, regional, and national levels.


The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) is the farthest-reaching network of change leaders focused on advancing innovation by correcting underrepresentation in computing. NCWIT convenes, equips, and unites nearly 1,500 change leader organizations nationwide to increase the influential and meaningful participation of girls and women — at the intersections of race/ethnicity, class, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, and other historically marginalized identities — in the field of computing, particularly in terms of innovation and development. Chartered in 2004 by the National Science Foundation, NCWIT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that creates a far greater impact than if institutions acted alone.

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