Virtual Classroom Décor for Computer Science and Tech Educators

Published on 08/19/2020

Inspired by teachers creating Bitmoji virtual classrooms, NCWIT has assembled a set of interactive elements to help teachers make all students feel welcome and to maintain and enhance their interest in computing. By adding the elements to their own virtual classrooms, teachers can maintain a positive classroom climate, show students “possible selves” in computing, maintain student interest, and show them career and other opportunities (including NCWIT opportunities, of course).

Interactive elements include posters, objects, role models, and more.

How to Use

Click the button below to create a copy of the Google Slides containing the interactive elements, then click the “Make a copy” button when prompted. After you have created a copy, see slide 3 for additional information and instructions.



Additional Resources

Learn more about virtual convening by viewing the previously recorded “Classroom Climate: Why it’s important and some ways to create/maintain, even virtually” presentation given on August 11, 2020 as part of the NCWIT K-12 Alliance Back to School and Virtual Resources huddle.




Do you have interactive elements you can share? Email us at [email protected].

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