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Wells Fargo’s Women in Technology global advocacy program launched the Sit With Me program in July 2022 at their Charlotte, North Carolina location. To date, Wells Fargo has held over 15 events across 9 locations in both the US and India. The program has been a huge success to move the needle forward with creating open, honest, and meaningful relationships across every level of the organization by empowering over 1,000 women and women allies to sit in the iconic red chair to share their story. Wells Fargo is proud to partner with NCWIT to continue the Sit With Me movement as the program continues to gain momentum within Women in Technology and across the enterprise.

July 18, 2023 — Hyderabad, India

This event, hosted by  Priyanka Malisetti and special guest Wells Fargo Head of Technology, Tracy Kerrins, drew an astounding 450 participants. The theme of the event was “Dear 20 Something Year Old Me,” allowing attendees to reflect and reminisce about their career trajectories. The celebrated ‘red chair’ remained a highlight as people gathered to share emotions and inspiring stories that bolstered attendees with positivity and invigorated their work moving forward. The feedback received was amazing. Special guest, Tracy Kerrins said, “I saw and heard the candid stories and authentic feelings that elevate the connections we form with each other. Those connections not only allow us to know our colleagues and ourselves better; they add to the open and inclusive environment that we’re building in Technology and at Wells Fargo. And in such a welcoming environment, that’s where we can grow, personally and professionally.”

A team of individuals wearing red t-shirts in the front row of a larger audience.
May 18, 2023 — Charlotte, North Carolina

Women in Technology Charlotte had an opportunity to host an amazing “Sit With Me” event on May 18, 2023 where the theme was “The Bounce Back”!   The event proved to be very successful and included over 100 attendees and 5 speakers who provided insight on how they bounced back when life knocked them down and overcame obstacles to reach and exceed their goals. The overall feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, with 100% percent commenting favorably on the experience.

A group of women with frames embossed with Sit With Me branding held in front of them.
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