Sharing Kit

This Sharing Kit is full of tips, motivational ideas, and sample social media posts to maximize the impact of Sit With Me events.

NCWIT Resources

NCWIT offers a wide selection of research-backed resources to support your change-leading efforts. Find a curated list of resources selected to complement the goals of Sit With Me below.

• By the Numbers //

• NCWIT Tips: 13 Tips to Make Technical Conferences More Inclusive //

• Inclusive Environmental Assessment Guide //

• TECHNOLOchicas: Inspiring Latinas to Create the Future of Technology //

• Male Allies and Advocates: Helping Create Inclusive and Highly Productive Technology Workplaces //

• Top 10 Ways to Engage Underrepresented Students in Computing //

• Critical Listening Guide: Just Because You Always Hear It, Doesn’t Mean It’s True //

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