Reunion: Leadership and the Longing to Belong, by Jerry Colonna

Computing is one of the most powerful and influential fields today. Yet the computing workforce remains strikingly homogenous. This lack of diversity stands in the way of the US’s ability to be a leader in innovation and deprives large swaths of the US population of power, influence, and lucrative career opportunities. Many companies and funders focus on the pipeline, but this is not enough. Looking at gender as an example, even when women do enter computing careers, they leave at twice the rate of men, with 56% of technical women leaving corporate jobs by mid-career.

Most companies now recognize that lack of diversity is not only a competitive drain to the “bottom line” but also a challenge to their social responsibility goals. Key to successful diverse teams is the creation of inclusive cultures that support the participation of all members. Over the past 19 years, NCWIT has developed and applied our Inclusive Culture Construction (ICC) methodology, and the key to this is top leadership support. Jerry Colonna, former NCWIT board member, has written a book that dives into the responsibilities of leaders with respect to belonging and their authentic commitment to inclusion.

NCWIT Chair Emeritus Brad Feld has generously offered to provide up to 1,000 copies of Jerry Colonna’s book, Reunion: Leadership and the Longing to Belong (2023), on a first-come first-served basis. Please fill out the form below to request your copy.

Thank you for your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we hope you enjoy the book.

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