NCWIT Tips for Startup Members: Write Better Job Ads

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NCWIT Tips for Startup Members is a series of action items to help you implement or improve recruitment and retention practices, avoid unconscious bias, manage talent, and more. View past issues here.

Write Better Job Ads

In a prior email, we highlighted the importance of examining job ads for gender-biased language. Take the next step and check out these NCWIT tools for analyzing your own job ads for unintended biases.

The NCWIT Checklist for Reducing Unconscious Bias in Job Descriptions/Advertisements helps you analyze ads for subtle biases in language, in criteria, and in how you describe your workplace. Get started by asking these kinds of questions highlighted from the checklist:

  Job Ad
  • Does the description contain an imbalance of masculine or feminine-associated language (e.g., language such as “high-powered, “results-driven,” “action-oriented”)?
  • Are all of the criteria listed actually required for doing the job? For example, do you list as “required” certain programming languages or certain skills that could actually be learned on the job?
Download the full Checklist (PDF) for more information.

NCWIT Tips for Job Description Analysis provides “before and after” examples of ads with balanced language and other points for writing unbiased job descriptions. Get started by looking at “before and after” examples such as:

Before Recommendation
Manages the successful resolution of client issues, including competing demands, sensitive situations, and conflicts with other groups. Thoughtfully works with the client to resolve issues, including competing demands, sensitive situations, and conflicts with other groups.
Mobilizes team, establishing the tactical plans, projects and objectives needed to accomplish these goals and ensure their attainment. Mobilizes and encourages team, establishing the specific (or concrete, day-to-day) plans, projects and objectives needed…

Download NCWIT Tips for Job Description Analysis (PDF) for more examples and points for writing good ads.

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