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NCWIT Resource Month

Achieving equity in the tech industry must be intersectional: race, class, gender, sexuality, and other key factors of identity shape experiences differently; and understanding those differences is critical to promoting diversity, inclusion, and change for women, girls, and other underrepresented groups in IT. When change leaders like you consider intersectionality in all that they do, it helps to ensure that the people who are making technology are representative of those impacted by it.


Access Free, Practical Recommendations

NCWIT offers hundreds of free and easy-to-use resources for K–12, higher education, and corporations that support your effort to raise awareness, increase knowledge, and empower action to make sure every voice is heard. The select titles below can help you better understand and create awareness of how unconscious and overt bias lead to uneven access, recruitment, and retention of individuals in computing along race and gender lines.

  • Intersectionality Thumb

    Understand why an intersectional lens matters in tech. “Intersectionality in Tech 101” provides a background and overview of intersectionality, in addition to key readings and resources related to women and girls of color in STEM and computing. // www.ncwit.org/Intersectionality101

  • Learn about the complexity of gender, the concept of intersectionality, and how to have productive discussions about race. “Learning About Intersectionality” provides a slide deck with accompanying videos and discussion questions to equip you to have more productive conversations with your colleagues and peers. // www.ncwit.org/intersectionality-videos

  • Interrupt Bias Thumb

    Interrupt bias. You recommend a student for a research experience with one of your colleagues, and get the response, “I’m not sure she’s the right fit. But, I think she’d make a great TA.” What (if anything) would you do or say? Use “Interrupting Bias in Academic Settings” to help you practice ways to interrupt bias in real-life situations. // www.ncwit.org/biasacademic

  • Change the narrative about aging, tech, and innovation. Playback this “NCWIT Conversations for Change” session with Janine Vanderburg to learn specific actions you can take to reduce implicit bias and to reap the benefits of age-friendly and inter-generational workplaces. // www.ncwit.org/AgingTechInnovation

  • Encouragement Thumb

    Bridge the gap by being responsive to race, class, gender, color, ethnicity, and other intersectional aspects of social identity that create different experiences for young women and girls. “Bridging the Encouragement Gap in Computing” highlights key findings from published research studies, and follow-up tips on practicing encouragement. // www.ncwit.org/PracticingEncouragement


Tell Us About It

Do you have a story to share about using NCWIT resources or about rallying hearts and minds for creating change for girls and women in tech? Email us at evaluation@ncwit.org, and give us your preferred phone number, so that we can chat about your experiences.


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