It’s #NCWITresourcemonth

NCWIT Resource Month

We know. Being a change leader for girls and women in tech is hard work. NCWIT strives to make your to-do list a little less daunting by equipping you with resources to help you implement systemic change, raise awareness, and reach out to critical populations. Don’t reinvent the wheel, recycle practices that do not work or that exacerbate problems, or move forward based on faulty assumptions! Let more than 160 research-based resources, available for FREE at, guide you towards setting and achieving your goals.

There’s a Resource for That

NCWIT resources are not only free, but they are also adaptable to your goals and audience.

These resources are only a small sampling of free tips and tools available from NCWIT. Filter for your needs, and find hundreds more at

Get Social With It

#NCWITresourcemonth is back! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter throughout July, where we’re dropping nuggets of wisdom for parents, educators, policymakers, social science researchers… and others! Because no matter who you are, YOU can be a change leader for girls and #womenintech.

Tell Us About It

Do you have a story to share about using NCWIT resources or about rallying hearts and minds for creating change for girls and women in tech? Email us at, and give us your preferred phone number, so that we can chat about your experiences.


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