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NCWIT News: It's All About JOBS

This summer we’ve got JOBS on our minds, and we know we’re not alone. Whether you’re taking a well-earned vacation from yours, thinking about the importance of jobs in the upcoming election, or working at your job as you read this, perhaps you’ve got jobs on your mind, too.

But have you thought about the big picture for technology and computing jobs?

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  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2020, there will be nearly 1.4 million computing-related jobs added to the U.S. workforce. Given the existing pipeline of students, however, we’ll be able to fill only 30% of these jobs with computing graduates. (Want to know what the degrees-to-jobs picture looks like in your city or state? Get it at
  • The current unemployment rate nationwide is 7.9%, but for computing-related occupations it’s less than half of that (3.5%).
  • Across all STEM careers, tech jobs are growing fastest and have the second-highest starting salaries.

The Facts With a picture like that we can’t afford a shortage of available talent for technology and computing jobs, right? Yet, consider this:

  • Women fill 57% of all professional jobs in the U.S. workforce, but only 25% of computing and technology jobs.
  • Although 74% of them reporting “loving their jobs,” 56% of technical women leave their jobs at the mid-career point – more than double the quite rate for men. Simply preventing this attrition would increase the talent pool by 220,000. (Wondering where these mid-career women go? It may not be what you think.)
  • Given their participation in the overall workforce, the number of African Americans and Latinos employed in computing-related jobs should really be double what it is today.

Top 10 Ways Now that we’ve painted the big picture for you, we invite you to get more involved in it. This summer we’re focusing on jobs with a campaign to spread the word. Here are a few examples of what NCWIT is doing:

  • Ensuring that students — particularly women and people of color — know about pathways to tech careers. Counselors for Computing (C4C) Pathway Cards help connect students’ interest with next steps toward IT and computing careers. C4C is a project of the NCWIT K-12 Alliance, made possible by the Merck Company Foundation and Google.
  • Helping connect tech talent with tech jobs.job-search tool at our website, powered by, lets people search for computing-related jobs within NCWIT member organizations — including large companies, startups, universities, and non-profits all around the country.
  • Providing tools to advance women’s careers. Top 10 Ways Successful Technical Women Increase Their Visibility includes ten things that highly successful women say they do in order to increase their visibility throughout the company, industry, and technical community.

Join us online as we share information about why computing jobs are good for both men and women, how to combine technology jobs with other disciplines, and where to find (and how to keep) cool tech jobs. Add your two cents as we discuss who inspires us in our jobs, how we chose our careers, and what we’d change about our jobs.

You’ll find us tweeting about jobs at Twitter:, with the hashtag #NCWITonJOBS; and you’ll find us talking about jobs on Facebook at We welcome your input and invite you to play along … from your job.

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