Facts from NCWIT, Your Way

Facts from NCWIT, Your Way

NCWIT resources are not only free, but also adaptable to your needs.

Why spend hours searching for stats and graphics for an upcoming presentation about women in technology when NCWIT has done the hard work for you? Whether you’re heading to the boardroom, the classroom, or a conference center, you can drag and drop graphics and slides into your own slideshows and proposals.

Has anyone ever asked you why diversity in computing matters? With NCWIT’s first mobile app, PockIT Facts, you can get stats about women in computing on the fly and share them throughout your social networks.

Learn them. Download them. Share them:

  • PockIT Facts
    Shake your phone, and view colorful graphics containing statistics about girls and women in technology. Search the Apple App Store or the Android Apps on Google Play for “NCWIT” or “PockIT” to discover and share best practices for improving gender diversity in computing.
  • NCWIT Scorecard (updated!)
    View trends in girls’ and women’s participation in computing and computing-related professions in the U.S. over time with one of NCWIT’s most popular resources. Available files include JPGs, PPTs, and a PDF.
  • Girls in IT: The Facts
    Girls In IT Gain a clearer picture of the current state of girls in computing, including key barriers to girls’ participation, and what you can do to advocate for and implement change efforts. (“Girls in IT” is sponsored by NCWIT’s K-12 Alliance.) Available files include JPGs, a shareable infographic, and a PDF.
  • Women in IT: The Facts
    Women In IT View a coherent story about women in technology, one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S., including data and tools to identify barriers to women’s participation and promising practices to support your company’s efforts to improve conditions for women in technology. (“Women in IT” is sponsored by NCWIT’s WA Alliance.) Available files include JPGs, a PDF, and an animated slideshow.

These resources are only a small sampling of free tips and tools available from NCWIT. Visit www.ncwit.org/resources to browse through hundreds more.

Email us at evaluation@ncwit.org, and tell us how you’re using NCWIT resources.

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