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Retain Introductory Computer Science (CS) Students with EngageCSEdu

EngageCSEdu encourages the development of more inclusive learning environments in introductory CS courses by helping faculty to easily browse, contribute, and review materials that will engage all of your students. All materials are developed by faculty members nationwide and evaluated for quality by an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, learning scientists, and diversity experts. Check it out: www.engage-csedu.org.

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Consider This

The U.S. Department of Labor estimates 1.2 million computing-related job openings by the year 2022. However, at current college graduation rates in computing, only 39% of these jobs can be filled by U.S. computing undergraduates. (Discover more facts like these with NCWIT PockIT Facts.)

EngageCSEdu aims to establish a more diverse computing workforce by encouraging women and other underrepresented groups to persist in undergraduate CS education.

Explore EngageCSEdu

EngageCSEdu offers thousands of projects, homework assignments, and other individual teaching materials that are searchable by computer science knowledge area, programming language, and more. Browse through them at www.engage-csedu.org/find-resources.

Contribute to EngageCSEdu

Share your best practices, and encourage others to reimagine their course materials. For every new submission by a faculty member to EngageCSEdu, Google will donate $50 (up to $100,000) towards maintaining NCWIT’s online tool. Create an account, and get started today: www.engage-csedu.org/user/register.

Spread the Word

Download the media sharing package to get a copy of our press release and sample messaging that you can share with members of your higher education community and press contacts. Below are a couple of social media posts that you can use. Or, write your own posts with the hashtag #GetEngagedCS.

  • Twitter: Where can you find thousands of unique CS course materials for your intro classes? At EngageCSEdu. // www.engage-csedu.org // #GetEngagedCS
  • Facebook: Today’s students are tomorrow’s tech professionals. An inclusive learning environment for computing education is key to building a more diverse workforce. Share this status today, and encourage CS faculty to use EngageCSEdu, a collection of course materials shown to be effective in engaging a diverse student population. // www.engage-csedu.org // #GetEngagedCS #diversityintech

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