Academic Alliance Newsletter – January 2011

January 26, 2011


Dear NCWIT Academic Alliance Members and Potential Members,


We are planning to send a newsletter out 3-4 times a year to keep you updated on our activities and to inform you about opportunities. 


Included in this issue are updates/information on:


Microsoft Research Seed Fund Round 7 winners. 1

NSF CE21 Meeting in New Orleans. 1

AP Computer Science Principles course. 2

NCWIT May 2011 Summit. 2

AA Project Team Reports. 3

2010-11 Award for Aspirations in Computing. 4

Upcoming AA Receptions. 5


To learn more about the NCWIT Academic Alliance (AA), click here:

Microsoft Research Seed Fund Round 7 winners


A record 27 Seed Fund proposals competed to each win $10,000 from Microsoft Research.  Each proposal was reviewed by three Academic Alliance members, including one Social Scientist. NCWIT truly appreciates the efforts of the 38 reviewers that spent precious time reviewing proposals.


The AA Co-Chairs proudly announce the following five institutions were selected to receive the Microsoft Research grant: Central Washington University, Colorado School of Mines, Hunter College, Virginia State University, and Wilmington University.


These institutions have been asked to join us at our May 2011 Summit and to share their “un-poster” with AA members.

NSF CE21 Meeting in New Orleans



The National Center for Women & IT (NCWIT) and NSF looks forward to seeing many of you at the 2011 Computing Education for the 21st Century (CE21) Community Meeting, January 30 – February 1, 2011, at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. Please encourage colleagues to join the NCWIT Academic Alliance.

AP Computer Science Principles course


We wanted to make sure that you’re aware that the College Board has launched the webpage for the new AP Computer Science Principles course:


It includes the “attestation” form that will be crucial to the success of this course (i.e. the College Board committing to it long term). They need our help in getting universities to submit this short form.

NCWIT May 2011 Summit


SAVE THE DATE for the 2011 NCWIT Summit on Women and IT, May 23-25 in New York City!

We hope you will join us for three days of practices, workshops, ideas, research, inspiration, conversations, and innovation. Learn from noted experts and voices in the fields of computing, innovation, and diversity; share perspectives with other practitioners; and celebrate the achievements of girls and women in IT. An official invitation from NCWIT will be coming soon! 


A limited number of NSF scholarships are available for Minority-Serving Institutions.  Click here to apply: Deadline for applying is: March 1, 2011.


For more information about this year’s summit, visit our website at   


Hope to see you in New York City!


Call for “Un-Poster” Idea Exchange Session Participation
We are organizing an Academic Alliance (AA) “Un-Poster” session during the afternoon AA meeting on May 25, 2011 from 12-1 PM ET.   This session will provide an opportunity for AA members to informally share and brainstorm ideas about their current activities and projects being tried in departments to promote women in computing.  The format will be similar to a poster session or information fair – but with no posters!  Presenters will bring a one page flyer with program details to hand out to peers who visit their tables to learn more.  This is your chance to brag about something you are trying or a success you’ve achieved.


Sign up now to register your un-poster:


AA Project Team Reports



Recruitment & Engagement.


Co-Leaders:  Christine Alvarado (Harvey Mudd College), Gondy Leroy (Claremont Graduate University), Leen-Kiat Soh (University of Nebraska).

After reviewing the survey results from NCWIT AA members, the Recruitment & Engagement team has initiated several activities.  First, in December NCWIT AA had a meet and greet at the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2010) in St. Louis where new potential members were recruited and NCWIT was introduced. Second, two short forms were prepared.

  • Minority-Serving Institution Summit Funding: Will be used to gather information from Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs), including submission of travel scholarship applications available for those institutions.  Click here: to apply for travel funds prior to March 1, 2011 to attend the May 2011 NCWIT Summit in New York.
  • Partnership Program: Will serve to elicit input from new and existing members on interest in institutional partnerships to encourage collaborations and information sharing. Click here: to participate in the Partnership Program.


The surveys will also be distributed as links in the weekly “Did You Know” emails and will also be available on the NCWIT AA website.


Please check your institution logo and member representatives here:  If your school logo is not at the site please email program manager, as you may still be listed as a “potential member”.


REU Toolkit.
Co-Leaders:  Margaret Burnett (Oregon State University), Patricia Morreale (Kean University).
The REU Toolkit project has completed peer review–many thanks to the Alliance members that volunteered their time and provided comments and feedback. Final editing and design is underway prior to becoming an NCWIT Program-in-a-Box, target early Spring 2011. The subject-area team includes Ann Gates (UTEP), Jose Cossa (NCWIT), and Nancy Amato (Texas A&M), with Lecia Barker, Jane Krauss and Stephanie Hamilton providing NCWIT-oversight. 


Sharing Practices.

Co-Leaders:  Sam Kamin (UIUC), Sharon Mason (RIT).

The goal of the Sharing Practices group is to provide a forum for presenting NCWIT-related activities in a more informal way than currently provided so as to allow more practices to be publicized. The group has decided to use a wiki, and NCWIT has installed the Wikimedia software (originally used by Wikipedia) on their server. A format for entries has been developed and the wiki is being populated from various sources. As the wiki is under construction over the next few months, requests will be sent to AA members to review and update their entries.  If you are interested in being part of the initial wiki population phase, please contact AA Program Manager, Kim Kalahar, at


AA Webinar Series. 

Co-Leaders: Daniela Marghitu (Auburn), Terry Steinbach (DePaul).

The second in our AA Webinar series—Retaining Undergraduates in Computing Through Mainstreamed Interventions—will take place on February 15, 2011 at 12PT/1MT/2CT/3ET. The Webinar will be presented by NCWIT Social Scientist Dr. Lecia Barker.

If you would like to register for this webinar, please click on the following link:


The first in our AA Webinar series—Looking at NCWIT Resources—took place November 16, 2010 at 1 PM MT. If you would like to hear a recording of the Webinar, please click on the following link:


Student Organization Seed Fund.

Co-Leaders:  Renee Bryce (Utah State University) and Julie Mariga (Purdue University)


The Academic Alliance is pleased to announce that we have seed funds available to fund programs and initiatives for student organizations that serve to promote increased presence of women in computing and IT programs on our AA member campuses. Several $500 grants will be awarded. Please visit to apply.  Applications for the Spring 2011 semester are due on February 15th, 2011 and we will notify recipients by March 1st, 2011!


Spring semester deadline:

Deadline to submit:   February 15, 2011

Notification date: March 1, 2011


Fall semester deadline:

Deadline to submit: May 31, 2011

Notification date: July 1, 2011

2010-11 Award for Aspirations in Computing



NCWIT recently selected the 35 winners of the 2010-11 NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing and 150 Runners-up from a pool of 906 completed applications. Visit to see a map of the winners and runner’s up.  We couldn’t have accomplished this daunting task without of the help of literally hundreds of volunteers, the bulk of which came from NCWIT member organizations. There were 108 volunteers from Academic Alliance member organizations!  Indiana University leads the pack with 20 volunteers. Go Indiana!  It is easy and rewarding to be an Award reviewer – just go to to sign up.  When applications are ready next Fall, we will let you know!


Additionally, we are in the process of finalizing the selection of up to 260 local Affiliate Award winners. We have 20 Affiliates serving girls in 22 states. Affiliate Awards are offered by teams of NCWIT members located in a specific geographic area. Visit to see a map of the 2010-11 Affiliates. 


Many Academic Alliance members are actively involved in hosting Affiliate Awards in their communities. Want an Affiliate Award in your area? Email to find out more.

Upcoming AA Receptions


If you are attending one of the upcoming conferences, please join us at the NCWIT Academic Alliance Reception.  Details will follow as the events draw near.


SIGCSE: March 11, 2011, Dallas, Texas. Please join us Friday, March 11th from 5:30-6:30 in the “corridor” of the Dallas A room.

FCRC: June 4-11, 2011 San Jose, California. Exact date, time, and location TBD.

Grace Hopper: November 8-12, Portland, Oregon. Exact date, time, and location TBD.

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