NCWIT Annual Summit – 2011, Day One

Today in New York City, we kicked off our annual summit at the Kimmel Center at NYU. Our first keynotes delivered lively and thought-provoking speeches.

Scott Page discussed “Diversity and Innovation,” and presented research that supports diverse groups over homogeneous ones. His research shows that ideas spark and innovation happens when the ideas and skills of the group are diverse, rather than the same.
Joshua Aronson delivered his keynote, “Stereotype Threat and the Role of Encouragement.” He presented research that shows even subtle shifts in performance and test scores when the environment is altered and the threat of being cast or kept in a stereotype is removed.

The keynotes were folloewd by a reception hour, where different alliance members and partners of NCWIT could mix and mingle and get to know each other.
A final panel took the stage at dinner time to discuss the question, “Is the Democratizing Potential of Technology Also Fostering Diversity?” Arikia Millikan (@Arikia) moderated as Sarah Mei (@sarahmei), Alexis Ohanian (@kn0thing), and Gabriella Coleman (@BiellaColeman) discussed mentorship, education, and progress.
Follow along during the Summit @NCWIT, or check out our Facebook page for even more. Flickr photos and video pieces will be up shortly, so stay tuned!
I’m Doniree, and I’ll be tweeting and sharing throughout the event – come say hi!

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