iPhone Appilcations Widen Computer Science Opportunities

These days, iPhone applications are rolling out as quickly as the latest karaoke video posted on YouTube. Both amateurs and seasoned software developers are cashing in.

Standford University
Standford University offers iPhone Application Programming as a computer science course this fall. There are over 80 students registered, according to the Standford Report. Several applications developed by Standford students are already in testing – including a campus map, a university directory, and sports updates.

iPhone Application Engineers For Hire
There are many professional opportunities as an iPhone Applications Engineer. Sites like simplyhired.com and MySpace list job openings from both Fortune 200 companies and small businesses on the verge of a growth spurt.

The entrepreneurial route is also promising, and it’s not just a boy’s club. Eliza Block reportedly makes around $2,000 a day for her application named 2Across. Erica Sadun, creator of Fuzzle from an Estonian software company called Candy Cane, wrote The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook to help others with their own programming aspirations.

Whether developers are creating applications for finding the cheapest gas or connecting with friends on Facebook, this latest obsession reminds us of how participating in one of the many branches of computer science can influence our everyday lives.

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