“Geek Girls” Dining Out for International Women’s Day

Just in time for this year’s International Women’s Day, a new support group for women in IT was established in Australia.

An article from iTnews reported on this group, called Girl Geek Dinners.

“Providing a group that shows you are part of a growing part of your industry encourages people to stay in IT and others to join,” Co-founder and Organizer of Girl Geek Dinners, Damana Madden said to iTnews.

The role of encouragement has many positive effects on participants, as described in NCWIT Scorecard 2007: A Report on the Status of Women in Information Technology. Encouragement can improve self-confidence when in it comes to completing assignments and is a powerful way to retain women who question whether or not they belong in the IT industry.

iTnews reports that the response to Girl Geek Dinners has been so strong that the number of attendants was capped at 45 people. The next dinner will be held tomorrow, March 9 at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

Additional chapters of Girl Geek Dinners exist in other countries, such as Italy, Germany, and Canada. Visit girlgeekdinners.com to learn more.

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