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Are you a computing educator or industry professional who wants to recruit and retain women and underrepresented minorities in your organization?  Do you have questions about what’s the right way to do it?  Would you like to discuss your plans and programs one-on-one with an expert social scientist?
NCWIT manages a FREE service for members of its Alliances that supports two hours (and a few more if needed) of telephone consultation with a member of the NCWIT Social Science Advisory Board (or another member of the NCWIT community with relevant knowledge, if an SSAB member is not available). The service is funded by the National Science Foundation. NCWIT Alliance Members need only complete this survey to request the service.
Consultation is available on a variety of topics (see examples below). The NCWIT Social Science Advisory Board is made up of social scientists with a wide range of expertise.
Examples of Consultation Topics
Research and Assessment Design and Implementation

Evaluation planning
Survey development (e.g., exit surveys)
Program/event evaluation and assessment, instruments, associated costs
Diversity assessment

Recruitment and Outreach

Developing a focused strategic plan for recruitment
Recruitment material development
Developing outreach programs
Targeted hiring of faculty

Data and Research on Women in Computing

Statistical data on women in sciences, computing, and related disciplines
Pedagogical research  
Gender as related to work and promotions  
Research on women and technology entrepreneurship

Who doesn’t love free, expert advice? If you’re interested in taking advantage of this service and you’re not yet a member of an NCWIT Alliance, please contact us to find out more about joining.

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