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Increasing diverse participation in technology is not a woman’s issue; it’s a business issue, and we need all hands on deck. To that end, we are planning a [insert event title name if desired] kickoff event to raise awareness about ways to involve more men in creating inclusive work environments, and we want you to attend! During this event we will discuss why male advocates, in particular, are important in technical workplaces and what exactly men can do to create more inclusive and productive work teams and environments. The event is open to all (company’s name) employees regardless of gender. (NOTE: You could change the previous sentence if you have different events for different levels of employees).

The event will feature the following panel and/or guest speakers: (NOTE: list speakers here; also consider creating flyers or other materials to promote the event beyond this email)

We anticipate vibrant presentations and discussions about the business case for a diverse technical workforce, why engaging male advocates is important for our future success, the kinds of things men should advocate for, and how their efforts can increase productivity and innovation at (company’s name).

Ahead of the event, we also invite you to read this brief post: “The Tricky (And Necessary) Business of Being a Male Advocate for Gender Equality” available at:

We will meet on (Day/date) from (time start to time end), and at the (location). We will serve food (describe here if lunch, snacks, etc.), so please RSVP and send us any dietary restrictions or allergies no later than (give cut off date to plan for catering/food purchasing). We look forward to this kick-off event, to engage one another in conversation, and plan our next steps.

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