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Based on social science theory and evidence, NCWIT resources provide practical tips and recommendations for change leaders to take effective action. Access hundreds of free resources that encourage cultural and environmental change, from the classroom to the boardroom.

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Advising for Future-ready Careers Episode 5: Ethics in Computing

Episode 5, originally broadcast on June 16, 2021, features Jess Smith, a machine learning and AI ethics PhD Student at the University of Colorado. In …

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Advising for Future-Ready Careers Episode 4: Accessibility and Computing

This webinar, originally broadcast on May 19, 2021, features Ruth Kyle, School Counselor, and Tom Kyle, Computer Science Teacher. In this episode, they discuss the …

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Advising for Future-Ready Careers Episode 3: Careers in Cybersecurity

Episode 3, originally broadcast on April 21, features Kevin Nolten, Director of Academic Outreach at Cyber.org, and Samina Mondal, founder of Cyberweek.org. Cybersecurity careers are …

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Join Us

Lack of diversity is an issue that stretches across disciplines and industries. Only by organizing and uniting our voices for change can we hope for …

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Gladys West

2021 vNCWIT Pioneer in Award Celebration with Dr. Gladys West | Video Playback

The 2021 vNCWIT Pioneer in Tech Award Celebration honors Dr. Glayds West, a pioneer in GPS technology. Be a part of a candid conversation on …

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Lisa Cook

“Conversations for Change” with Lisa D. Cook | Video Playback

Lisa D. Cook is Professor of Economics and International Relations at Michigan State University. She was the first Marshall Scholar from Spelman College and received …

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Powertilt, thumbnail

Powertilt: Examining Power, Influence, and the Myth of Meritocracy Within Technology Teams

This report is stage one in the development of a “powertilt” assessment tool that leaders can use to identify and dismantle “powertilt” phenomena – that …

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Top 10 Ways to Engage School Counselors as Allies in the Effort to Increase Student Access to Computer Science Education and Careers

School counselors are eager to direct students to viable education and career opportunities. Consider these key points for collaboration as you plan to meet with …

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C4C Resource Booklet, thumbnail

NCWIT Counselors for Computing (C4C) Resource Booklet

NCWIT Counselors for Computing (C4C) is pleased to provide this booklet, filled with information and resources you can use to support ALL students as they explore Computer …

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Evaluation Tools

NCWIT provides these tools in the hopes that you will find them useful as a starting point for your own evaluations. Along with survey questions, …

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NCWIT Scorecard: The Status of Women in Computing

The NCWIT Scorecard shows trends in girls’ and women’s participation in computing in the U.S. over time, providing a benchmark for measuring progress and identifying …

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Virtual Classroom Cover

Virtual Classroom Décor for Computer Science and Tech Educators

Inspired by teachers creating Bitmoji virtual classrooms, NCWIT has assembled a set of interactive elements to help teachers make all students feel welcome and to …

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