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Based on social science theory and evidence, NCWIT resources provide practical tips and recommendations for change leaders to take effective action. Access hundreds of free resources that encourage cultural and environmental change, from the classroom to the boardroom.

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Color photo of Dr. Brad McLain on the plenary stage at the 2023 NCWIT Summit.

2023 NCWIT Summit Plenary: Dr. Brad McLain

Joanne Cohoon Memorial Plenary: Brad McLain, PhD Event held in the morning on May 19th, 2023 Inclusive Leadership Through Transformative Experience Design Transformative experiences are ...
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Conversations for Change: Future Ready Careers: Support and Strengthen Pre-college STEM Programs

Hear from Dr. Jennifer Elise Iriti and team on how to support pre-college STEM programs and strengthen how they serve Black and Brown students. Learn ...
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Conversations for Change: Future Ready Careers: National Center for Computer Science Education

Join us to discuss how electronic textbooks (e-books) can help with learning Computer Science. High school and college students as well as educators have access ...
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Conversations for Change: Future Ready Careers: CS + Science: Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a growing field that is called upon to address global challenges such as fighting pandemics, detecting/treating diseases, and improving the quality of life. ...
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Conversations for Change: Future Ready Careers: Broadening Minority Participation in STEM

As technology continues to evade every aspect of modern life, there is a growing need for technology designers and developers. There is a nationwide push ...
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Graphic design in blue and green framing a white rectangle containing the logo for ncwit.org | Higher Ed Alliance, the names and four grayscale photos of participating speakers (upper left: Dr. Leo Porter; upper right: Sophia Krause-Levy; lower left: Dr. Beth Simon; and lower right: Dr. Cynthia Taylor) and the text: "Meeting of the minds; Wednesday, April 12th; 9-10:30 a.m. PST \ 12-1:20 p.m. EST"

Conversations for Change: Higher Ed Insights: Inclusive Pedagogy Panel Discussion on Peer Instruction and Curriculum Development

Originally presented on Wednesday, April 12th from 9:00-10:30 a.m. PT / 12:00-1:30 p.m. ET Learn and discuss innovative solutions alongside peers on two vital components ...
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How Does the Lack of Diversity in Tech Limit the Technologies We Use? (Slide Deck)

Technology products and services must serve all populations equitably, which is not currently the case. Without diversity at the innovation table, technology will continue to ...
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NCWIT Tracking Tool

The NCWIT Tracking Tool is an online platform that allows you to visualize your application, enrollment, and graduation data through dynamic charts and tables. The ...
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BPCNet: Get Support for the NSF Broadening Participation in Computing Plan Requirement

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is committed to addressing the lack of diversity in the computing workforce by encouraging practices and programs that focus on ...
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NCWIT Engagement Practices Framework

The NCWIT Engagement Practices Framework outlines actions faculty can take in their classrooms and beyond to help broaden participation in computing. It is organized around ...
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Counselors for Computing (C4C) Tips to Get Started with VR

Consider these tips and messages as you share virtual reality (VR) with your students.
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Caminos que se Cruzan Poster (C4C Intersecting Pathways Poster in Spanish)

Este poster grande para imprimir (24″x36″) proporciona información sobre los diferentes caminos que pueden seguir las estudiantes para hacer su carrera en computación. El poster ...
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