NCWIT 2012 Summit – Workshop Slides, NCWIT2Go

Published on 12/13/2012

“Where Could You Take NCWIT, and Where Can We Take You?” by Jenny Slade, Dr. Wendy DuBow, Jennifer Jirous, and Dr. Charlie McDowell

Have you gone to a conference and thought to yourself, “NCWIT should be here”? Have you ever wanted to attend a computing-related event where NCWIT had a presence, but you didn’t have the budget to swing it? NCWIT2GO is a pilot project intended to broaden the reach of NCWIT’s message and resources by supporting NCWIT members to take our message “to-go,” as you attend various computing conferences and outreach events. Come hear more about the project, give us your feedback, and tell us where we can take you.

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