Learning About Intersectionality: Videos That Spark Conversations

Published on 03/14/2023

Use this resource to learn ways to talk about identity, intersectionality, gender, sex, sexuality, disability, neurodiversity, race, and ethnicity.

View the slide deck HERE.

This resource is divided into 5 levels, which increase in complexity. Each level consists of videos (approximately 3-10 minutes in duration) and discussion questions pertaining to those videos. Tips for facilitating the discussion can be found in the speaker notes for each slide with discussion questions.

Level 1, Introduction & Terminology, defines terms often used in discussing gender, sex, race, ethnicity, disability, and neurodiversity. Level 2 builds upon our understanding of terminology to explain the Sociological Constructs of microaggressions, implicit bias, and intersectionality. Level 3 provides depth and context to the inclusive terminology by drawing upon individuals’ Impacts & Experiences.

Level 4 contextualizes individual’s experiences in society to discuss the Complexity of Language. Finally, in Level 5, we broaden the scope of the discussion to Systemic Issues & Taking Action. The resource provides examples of intersectional identities and experiences throughout.

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