Coding and electronics unlock many creative possibilities, including in the realm of dance and performance art. Through areas such as digital costuming and wearables, computer science can be applied creatively in the field of dance, enhancing artistic expression and expanding the ways we create, analyze, and experience dance.

Opportunities in CS + Dance

STEM From Dance is a nonprofit organization that “empowers girls of color with the skills, experiences, and confidence to pursue careers in STEM — all through the power of dance.” They offer a range of programs, from introductory experiences that ignite interest in STEM to more immersive and long-term engagements. Participants create dance performances that incorporate STEM in creative ways.  In the process, they discover that they belong and can excel in STEM. 

Learn more and enroll in programs at https://stemfromdance.org

CodeCrew is a nonprofit organization focused on technology and computer science education for youth across Memphis, Tennessee. ​CodeCrew educates and mentors those most underrepresented in tech to be tech leaders and innovators through practical, hands-on computer science education and training. CodeCrew has offered exposure experiences that incorporate wearable technology and dance in the past; check their website for upcoming events. 

Career Possibilities Related to CS + Dance

Motion Capture Technology
This involves capturing and digitally recording movements for use in animation, virtual reality, or sports science. In dance performance, this technology captures the intricate movements of dancers, allowing for detailed analysis, representation in digital mediums, and the creation of visually stunning performances.
Wearable Technology
Refers to electronic devices that are worn on the body, often integrated into clothing or accessories, designed to enhance everyday activities with digital intelligence. In dance performance, this technology can be used to track movements, enhance artistic expression through interactive costumes, or even provide real-time feedback to dancers,
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