2015 NCWIT Summit — Workshop Slides by Betty Jeanne Taylor, PhD

Published on 05/20/2015

Inclusive Classrooms: Preparing Graduate Students for Academic Leadership

Participants will explore elements of the Inclusive Classrooms Leadership Certificate Seminar, recently piloted at the University of Texas at Austin. The seminars demonstrate the work of Strategic Initiatives, a portfolio within the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, in advancing efforts to create a more inclusive and welcoming campus culture and expanding work specifically designed for partners in academic colleges, schools, and departments. Through the seminar, graduate students who are teaching assistants and/or assistant instructors engage in discussion with peers from across the university about strategies for developing and sustaining an inclusive classroom climate where all feel safe, supported, and encouraged. Specific areas of consideration include course design, group processes, and scenarios. Workshop attendees will identify potential opportunities for incorporating elements of the Inclusive Classrooms curriculum within their own contexts/environments.

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