NCWIT Higher Ed Listserv

NCWIT hosts a moderated group email list, NCWIT-HigherEd, to support a year round “community of practice” for NCWIT Alliance member representatives.

The NCWIT-HigherEd group email list is:

  • focused on issues around broadening participation in computing in higher education, including promising practices for recruiting, retaining, and supporting students and faculty
  • moderated by volunteers from the NCWIT Higher Ed Alliance
  • open to any employee of an NCWIT Alliance member organization
  • civil, welcoming, and encouraging of robust conversation
  • safe, offering the option for subscribers to use personal email addresses and to request that moderators post anonymously on their behalf
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Ready to get involved?

  1. Review the User Guidelines.
  2. Request a subscription by filling out this form.
  3. Learn more by reviewing the FAQs.
  4. Post your questions, comments, and celebrations to the list!

For questions and feedback, contact [email protected].

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