Extension Services Transformation (NEXT) Awards

NCWIT Extension Services (ES) provides customized consultation to academic departments to help improve their strategic recruitment and retention of women students in their majors. To recognize the achievements of these outstanding departments, NCWIT has established the NCWIT Extension Services Transformation (NEXT) Awards. 

The NEXT Awards celebrate past and present ES clients for excellence in recruiting and retaining women in computing education. The awards reflect and reward practices that NCWIT recognizes as having the most significant impact on the long-term goal of increasing the number of women in information technology and other computing-related fields. Departments receiving a NEXT Award show significant positive outcomes in women’s enrollment and graduation rates, and have excellent potential for building on these gains. Both small and large departments are encouraged to apply.

2020 NEXT Award recipients

Grand Prize Recipient The University of Pennsylvania, Department of Computer and Information Science; Second Place Recipient New York University Tandon School of Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering; and Honorable Mention Michigan Technological University, Department of Computer Science will be honored at the 2020 NCWIT Summit.

View their award commendations online.

What are the Awards?

The Grand Prize ($100,000) and Second Place ($50,000) NEXT Awards for Excellence in Promoting Women in Undergraduate Computing are given to ES client organizations (department, departments, or college) that demonstrate a strong commitment to and proven results in recruiting and retaining women into undergraduate computing programs. Awardees are able to demonstrate: 1) an upward and sustained trend in admissions, enrollments, and graduations of women in the targeted majors; 2) a focus on institutional and structural change; 3) the effective use of NCWIT resources and strategies related to the ES Systemic Change model and appropriate to the organization’s particular circumstances; and 4) that the work is the result of a team effort.

View previous recipients.

For questions about the NEXT Awards, contact [email protected].

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