NCWIT Heroes

Over the weekend, I got the chance to listen to a couple of the NCWIT Heroes interviews that Brad Feld turned me on to a while back. Good stuff. The interview with Elaine Wherry (co-founder of was great, as was the interview with Helen Greiner of iRobot (you know, the little robot vacuum) who talked a bit about the present and future of robots and the importance of mentors.

For TechStars, NCWIT helped us get the word out to women through their far-reaching Academic Alliance. We received just 7 out of 302 applications which involved one or more women as founders. Yes, this is a very low percentage, but Lucy Sanders (NCWIT CEO) tells me it’s about twice the national average!

I’m excited to see more great women founding tech startups around Boulder and elsewhere. My recent direct experiences with Sue Kunz, Liz Coker, and Krista Marks make me very hopeful about this trend here.

If you want to hear more great stores about women in IT, go subscribe to the podcast.

David Cohen is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and technologist and He is Executive Director of TechStars, a program that provides seed funding, mentoring, advice, and connections to IT entrepreneurs; and founder of Colorado Startups, LLC, which invests in Colorado-based early stage startups. This blog originally appeared here.

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