Fighting for FIRST


We are the Green Grinches, FIRST robot team 1624 and Girl Scout troop 1201. We began robotics in the sixth grade in the First Lego League (FLL). That year we won third place for most robust design, our second year we won second place for most innovative design, and our third year we won first runner up for the Director’s Award (so close to nationals)!!!

After making it so far in FLL the Green Grinches had to keep on engineering, so we began our adventure through FIRST. We became the first Girl Scout team to be a part of FIRST and one of the few all-girl teams in the nation. Our first year we showed up with a robot that we liked to refer to as “a seizure in a box.” Max (the name we lovingly gave our robot) was pink, purple, lime green, and covered in sparkly Mod Podge. Our second year we were determined to make a statement, and we won the judge’s award for the most progress made. Our robot worked, we actually scored points, and left the arena with our heads held high, ready for the upcoming year. This year we built our best robot yet. Although Max^3 did not work as well as we wanted him to for regionals, we hope to have a lean, mean, tube racking machine for nationals.

As Senior Girl Scouts we are working on the most prestigious Girl Scout award, the Gold Award. The purpose of the award is to plan a service project that benefits the community even after we bridge from Senior Girl Scouts. Since we are the only FIRST team in SW Washington, our project is to found an engineering team for our school district that will compete at the PNW regional in 2008. We hope that eventually, instead of having just one team in our district, each of the four high schools in our district will develop their own teams. FIRST is an amazing program and we are passionate about bringing the opportunity to as many teens as we can.

Thank you to all of our sponsors and mentors who helped us through these challenging three years!

The Green Grinches

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